Planning Process

Anyone who has worked in management or leadership has done planning of some sort or another! Experienced successful leaders tell us that they take time to create plans and visions, but they will also allow for course adjustments along the way. If a project goes off entirely without a hitch, there is probably something youContinue reading “Planning Process”

How Do You Manage Your Calendar and Not Let It Manage you!

How do you manage your calendar and make it repeatedly successful? Calendar management seems to be a common issue for all people, not just busy executives! With the availability of calendar apps today, even school students are keeping a calendar. But, wouldn’t it be nice if your calendar was a place of comfort and success,Continue reading “How Do You Manage Your Calendar and Not Let It Manage you!”

Why the Construction Industry is Great for Women!

It is common for children (and their parents) to dream about what they will become when they grow up. Kids have big ambitions, and you can guess what career they will be drawn to based on their favorite activities growing up. For example, the excitement in the kitchen may lead them to become budding chefs,Continue reading “Why the Construction Industry is Great for Women!”

5 Benefits of Virtual Assistants

As many businesses have adapted to a fully online model in 2020 and continue to remain steadfast in working remotely for 2021, virtual assistants are now commonplace. Before the pandemic, it seemed most assistants had to be in-person at a physical location or around the person they were helping. Things changed where companies now seeContinue reading “5 Benefits of Virtual Assistants”

Find The Right People

When hiring a person or looking for a volunteer, we have a lot of decisions as leaders. The first item we need to do is look inward and ask the vital question of how much time you are willing to give up. To move our organization forward, we must be willing to give up ourContinue reading “Find The Right People”

The American Dream is still alive in construction!

Every year students struggle to decide what step to take after high school. Students want to go into a field that will allow them to live the American Dream! Parents want their children to have a better start than they did but have to figure out how to finance the endeavor. College tuitions continue toContinue reading “The American Dream is still alive in construction!”

Overwhelmed? Use Freelance Services!

Entrepreneurs and other professionals often lead an overwhelmingly busy life that renders them little to no time to finish every task promptly. To avoid stressing out too much, these professionals can consider using comprehensive freelance platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others to outsource all kinds of projects to expert freelancers. Freelance platforms are helpfulContinue reading “Overwhelmed? Use Freelance Services!”

6 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Construction

Now, more and more construction companies are using augmented reality technology in their projects. But what is augmented reality, and how does it benefit the construction industry? Augmented reality is a revolutionized technological innovation that incorporates visual elements into real surroundings.  Augmented reality is not to be confused with virtual reality. Unlike virtual reality, augmentedContinue reading “6 Benefits of Augmented Reality in Construction”