Why the Construction Industry is Great for Women!

It is common for children (and their parents) to dream about what they will become when they grow up. Kids have big ambitions, and you can guess what career they will be drawn to based on their favorite activities growing up. For example, the excitement in the kitchen may lead them to become budding chefs, and a fascination with police officers may lead to a passion for criminal justice. And when children love to build and create, it becomes clear they could have a future in construction.

Two Women working on large construction site. Photo by ABC National

Unfortunately, many women and girls today still find themselves discouraged from entering the construction field. There are many reasons for this, from being encouraged to join other areas and personal worry about suitability. In addition, parents often steer their daughters away from the construction industry to find them a more “suitable” industry.

Well, don’t worry anymore! Despite common misconceptions, the construction industry is actually an excellent field for women to be involved in. Keep reading to find out all the reasons why more women should find their future in construction. 

The Industry is Always Booming

One of the primary reasons that the construction industry is great for women is job security. In addition, innovation means that we are constantly creating and looking after the upkeep or  renovation of old projects. As a result, there is an increasing demand for construction workers, and many companies are actively seeking to recruit women.

Construction workers on site with protective masks for covid 19

Thanks to this demand, women in construction will enjoy job security not often found in other industries! This allows workers to choose from various jobs and feel secure in the knowledge that they can pursue their passion for building and creation with a promising financial future.

There are Many Different Jobs in Construction!

The second reason more women should enter construction is that there are so many different jobs available! People often imagine construction to solely consist of men in hardhats and yellow vests doing hard labor. While this is obviously still part of the construction industry, so many jobs are available that do not fit this image.

For example, did you know that the construction field also needs safety inspectors, project managers, and electricians? Painters, plumbers, and carpenters are also highly in demand! The administration of construction jobs is another big part of construction oversight that should be considered. This allows women to pursue a variety of different positions in the industry.

It is time to break the stereotype about women in construction. Women can excel anywhere, from the front lines in hard hats to doing important administrative work behind the scenes!

The Job is High-Paying

Once you build up enough work experience in the industry, jobs in the construction field are very high paying! Construction workers and building inspectors make some of the highest salaries in the industry, but all jobs have a great earning potential that only increases as you gain experience.

While money is not everything when it comes to pursuing a passion, it certainly helps! Construction is an example of an industry that can combine passion and earning potential. Anyone who loves to work with their hands is drawn to construction and can stay due to the job security and satisfying income level. 

It is Satisfying to See a Project Come to Life!

Aside from perks such as job security and pay, construction is a genuinely satisfying industry to work in. You get to see the concept of a project and bring it to life! Seeing everything that goes into construction is exciting and even awe-inspiring. In the end, there is a final product you can all be proud of. This gives those who work in construction a great sense of pride and confidence in their work.

People who enjoy creating and working with their hands will flourish in the construction industry. For example, women who work in construction can point to a building on the street and say, “I did all of the electrical wiring for that!” or “I laid the foundation for that building!” or even “I made sure that building went up safely and without any injuries.” How cool is that?

Working in construction is an excellent place for people who take pride in their creations and enjoy building a final product that matches the original concept. If that sounds like a woman you know, she may be a good fit for the industry!

Encourage Activities to Inspire a Love of Construction

If you are a parent and looking to encourage your daughter to embrace her love for building, there are so many great ways to do so. Depending on age, simply providing toys that focus on building or letting her shadow and assist her parents as you make essential home improvement can spark a love for construction. 

Children Playing with Building Blocks

As your daughter grows, activities at school or even working and volunteering with organizations that utilize construction will be an excellent way to grow into her passion for creation! In  addition, shadowing a professional or meeting with current construction industry members can help her determine if this is a career that she wants to pursue. 

As this article has shown, there is so much to look forward to for women in the construction industry! So, if you notice your daughter expressing an interest or talent for construction, do not hesitate to nurture this skill with plenty of exciting activities. Who knows – there may be a visionary in the field of construction right in front of you!

Looking Forward

The construction industry is fast paced, continually growing, and a great way to create stunning final results and see the product of hard work and expertise. Many companies are actively seeking to increase the number of women in their workforce, making it more critical than ever to foster the interests and talent of women in construction. 

The future of construction has never been brighter! Don’t hesitate to research construction opportunities in your area – either for you or the women in your life! 

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